Senior Adult Ministries

XYZ (Xtra Years of Zest) Program & Luncheon

Senior adults gather for the XYZ luncheon, held the first Tuesday of each month, to sing hymns, enjoy a free lunch, and listen to a guest speaker. 


Highlights from our November program:

Program by Jeff Holeman and others from FBC giving first-hand accounts of their mission trips to Oaxaca, Mexico in recent months.


Highlights from our October program:

Program by Abbey and Gracie Swartzendruber, playing their violins and singing. They performed with the Columbus Suzuki Strings Orchestra and Ensemble at Carnegie Hall in New York this summer. They strive to honor the Lord through their music. They are grandchildren of Dr. and Mrs. Russell Aven.


Highlights from our September program:

Program by Mrs. Ruth Chastain, ‘Behind  Japanese Lines, 1942-45: as told by an Internee of Santo Tomas Internment Camp.” (A moving story of Mrs. Chastain’s parents when missionaries to Hong Kong.)



Highlights from our August program:

Musical program by the FBC Men's Ensemble





Highlights from our July program:

Mrs. Peggy Mayfield Gouras shared her adventure  for “Finding Mabry Mayfield, WWII MIA soldier: a family’s quest to find Mabry 70 years later.” 


Highlights from our June program:

Gospel music program by The Ellis Family from Batesville. Each member plays a different instrument. Listen online


Pictures from Celebrators Conference: