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Dec 24, 2017

Keeping Christmas in Focus – Everlasting Father

Passage: Isaiah 9:6

Series: December 2017


Christmas reveals God’s heart in relating to us as a loving Father

Everlasting Father –

a. The Source; One who imparts life

b. Revealed most clearly in Jesus Christ

John 14:9 – “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father”


1. The New Testament teaches us something about a believer’s spiritual biology.

2. So what does this mean for us?  

a. God has no unplanned children

b. God desires to relate to us as a father to his children.

c. Sadly, Satan has targeted the relationships of fathers with children causing this to be difficult in many people.

d. Our relationship with our earthly father may help or hurt our connection to this truth


3. God wants you to know that He is the Perfect Father – Psalm 68/ Matthew 6:9