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Jul 23, 2017

Church: A Spiritual Place

Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:12-17

Preacher: Don Gann

Series: July 2017


Spiritual connection to God is both a personal matter and a church matter.  The Holy Spirit is a unifier inside a believer and in the church.


1. The Agent of Unity – The Holy Spirit


a. Deepest community we can experience on earth

b. You have more in common with other Christians than non-Christians


2. The Picture of Unity – The Body

a. No Un-important parts – v. 18

b. No thinking “I don’t matter” – Insignificant

c. No thinking “I’m all that matters” – Arrogance


3. The Way of Unity – God’s Plan

a. God places just as He wants – v. 18 + 24

b. Community achieved – Water buffalo and lions

c. Gospel believed