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    Apr 02, 2017

    Baby Dedication Sunday

    Passage: Luke 2:39-52

    Preacher: Don Gann

    Series: April 2017


    The partnership between families and church has never been more crucial than today.
    A glimpse of parenting from Jesus’ earthly parents.

    1. Anxiety – 42-46

      a. God loves our children more than we do
      b. God’s plan for our children is unique to them

    Adversity - 46-48

      a. Parenting brings out our best … and worst
      b. Even perfect children cause their parents heartache

    Astonishment – 48-50

      a. The process of growing is a miracle
      b. The celebration of growth is a joy


    The Church partners with families by:
    1. Providing wise relationships
    2. Protecting families from isolation
    3. Promoting love to families and others